About Us

We are a store that combines nature, life and people. We offer casual, classic and fun clothing by incorporating nature into our clothing designs with dandelions as the main element. We produce and select our products strictly. We hope you enjoy Dandelionmall.

The dandelion symbolizes purity, courage, confidence and persistence, just like our company!
1、Purity: The white dandelion is clean and pure, symbolizing a pure heart, and is used as a metaphor for the purity and elegance of women, which is a kind of highest praise for women.
2. Courage: The seeds of dandelions sway in the wind, representing a constant march, no matter how strong the storm is.
3、Confidence: Dandelion has no way to change its fate, the future may be difficult, but it has self-confidence, it will definitely come out of the confusion and find its new life.
4、Persistence: The dandelion will not give up for a moment to find its new home, as long as it persists, there is hope!